7 Things Organized People Do That You Probably Don’t Do

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7 Things Organized People Do That You Probably Don’t Do


 We all have that one person at work or school who is effortlessly organized. They never seem to miss any deadlines, always finish their work with time to spare, and always know where they can find what they are looking for.

You are obviously jealous of them.

But why?

Why be jealous when you can actually learn from them and be the same as them?

They do seem to be on the right track with life, don’t they?

 Being organized isn’t just something you adapt to. You can learn this art by practising it. It is not easy getting organized but slowly as you dwell in your organized lifestyle, you tend to start taking it more as a mindset rather than a way of living. Once you understand the importance of being organized in your life, life gets simple & easy. Organizing anything becomes your habit and you will start enjoying the things. If you actually working to get to this stage; congratulations, you’ve officially become an organized person.

Without further due, let’s get you introduced to the 7  important habits of highly organized people. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle!

Watch this video to know about the habits of an organized person:



1.Don’t Rely On Your Brain To Stored Information

Organized people don’t rely too much on their brain to store any information. Because organized people understand that our memory is fallible, things get fade, especially when we don’t use them.

When organized people want to remember anything, they put it into systems that they trust.

Now what the system separates you that you can trust or can’t trust from one that’s probably going to fail you.

So here are some criteria on the basis of what kind of systems you are going to use:

  • The system you are using is not going to lose data, because this immediately rules out our brain, as our brain forget things all the time. You can use apps like Evernote, OneNote or simply Google drive or anything else that is in your mind. But make sure that your data is packed up & safe.


  •  The system needs to be easily accessible.

If You are using the paper notebook, make sure that you are keeping the notebook with you wherever you are going.

If you are using the note-taking system, make sure it is a cloud-accessible note-taking system. Whatever device you are using you can easily search it to find what exactly you are looking for.

  • The tool or app whatever you are using need to be self-organized itself so that you can easily search for anything. Make sure that system has a logical Folder, searchable & handy tools inbuilt.


2.Label Everything

Secondly organized people used to label everything. Especially the things which are not using for a long time, they used to label it, so that they can easily get them whenever they want.

You can take the example of your desk, there are plenty of other things like hardware which we rarely used, you can pack them in a plastic bag and label it as hard disc or whatever unwanted things as per the category

Here plastic bag is the best option to store the things which are of no use.


3.Build A Mindfulness Loop

Organized people build a mindfulness map that constantly goes through different dependencies in their lives

Now what exactly dependencies are??

The human body is the best example of dependency. Our body continuously needs food and water to live in. But still, there are other dependencies like you have food, your shelter, your academic goals, your relationships, there are as many things in our life that we need to keep track of.

And here is one of the biggest difference between organized & disorganized person can be found of. The disorganized person always keeps being caught by guard by one of their dependency, all the time they need motivation, actions from others to do something. They always need the help of others to maintain their space, life or work.

While on the other hand organized person is constantly looking ahead and figuring out those dependencies going to need in future. They have their mindfulness map which is constantly going in the back of their mind.

You can simply do this. Sit down and list out what is your dependency on a piece of paper and do the mind map of it.


4.Two Is One, One Is None

Organized people live by the fact two is one, one is none. This means they always have a backup of everything in their life which may be their food, work-related things they always believe in the fact that to have backup things on a safer side.

Our mother is the best example of this. She always making some extra meals, so that everybody is fulfilled, she always has the backup of everything.

Whenever you are planning to go out for a long journey, always keep the power bank, even if your phone got switched off, you will not miss any important msg or call that time.

Whatever you are doing in your daily life, just have a backup of everything, which will not distract you.


5.Organize By Experience

Organized people always set up things in a way that is useful to them and that works only based on their own experience & experimentation and not simply based on how other people do things.

Organize people do their work on their own experimentation & result. They keep on working on things until they are satisfied with it until they make it perfect.


6.Respect The Value If Mise En Place

Organized person respect the value of mise en place. This is the French term that translates to everything in its place.

Make sure that your work environment is set up properly before begins to work and once you are done put the things back exactly you found them.

By doing this you will save your time, as time is precious. Start keeping things in a place which might be your kitchen, work, your desk, your laptop bag, your closet and so on kind of things. It is easy to deal with things.


7.Be Deliberate About The Things You Own


Organized people are very deliberate about what they buy, what they own, what they choose to keep.

Make sure that you are buying only those things which brings value to you, brings joy or utility to you. Don’t keep as many things that are of no use, which again clutter your space. And I think this the thing you should keep in mind that, more the things you buy, more the time & energy you have to spend on them for maintaining, storing them and keeping organized.

This is the good thing to remember about organized people that they don’t spend much time & energy than they have to on an organization. They understand that it means an end.


So be deliberate about the things you buy.


So the last one & along with other 6 things I have mentioned, You will on your way to becoming an Organized person


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